In this article, we have compiled all the answers to the most important questions about car inspections:

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An inspection is a service to check your car. It involves checking the most important parts of your vehicle for wear and tear. For most cars today, an inspection is needs-based and is carried out at regular intervals.

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Why is an inspection important for my car?

Regular car inspections are not only important from a safety and environmental point of view. They also have an impact on the manufacturer's warranty, the resale value, the lifetime of the car and the individual functions of the vehicle.

What is included in the car service?

Are checks required?

It's true that the work carried out during an inspection ensures your car is in perfect condition and safe. Nevertheless, car inspections are not required by law. Each vehicle manufacturer sets its own inspection framework, so the content and timeframes may vary depending on the make of car. The purpose of following the regular maintenance intervals laid down by manufacturers is to prevent medium and long-term damage. This avoids subsequent, often much higher, costs and improves the value of the vehicle. In addition, you will usually save on additional services that would have been necessary anyway, such as oil changes.

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Inspection intervals: How often does my car need servicing?

How often your car needs to be inspected depends on the service intervals, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a rule, an inspection should be done every two years or after a certain number of kilometres. For vehicles with only a few kilometres on the road, many manufacturers stipulate that they should be taken to the service station for an annual inspection within one year. When the time comes, the driver is warned via an on-board computer. A visit to the service centre should then be made in good time.

Major and minor car inspection

Depending on the car's age and mileage, the manufacturer will regularly schedule a small or large inspection.

A minor inspection is often limited to an oil change, topping up other fluids (windscreen washer, brake fluid) and changing air filters.

The major inspection also includes the above-mentioned work on the engine, transmission, chassis, lighting, axles, brakes and any other safety or wear components. The time required for major maintenance can vary greatly, as extensive removal and assembly work may be necessary.

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  • Engine oil change

What are the costs of inspections?

Important cost factors are the service's scope and any additional work that may be necessary. The needs-based inspection offer includes a full professional inspection of the vehicle according to the manufacturer's specifications, plus materials and costs for additional repairs. For most models, there are only minor differences in the price of the inspection. For example, an inspection of a BMW X1 without additional repairs costs almost exactly the same as an inspection of a Ford Focus.

Does the inspection include repairs?

During the inspection of your car, the workshop is not allowed to make any further repairs without your agreement.

This would involve additional costs that cannot be simply charged without your knowledge. Therefore, before any maintenance work is carried out, it must first be agreed with you. Only when you give your agreement can the technician start.

The best thing is to let yourself work out exactly what needs to be done and decide for yourself. You can also leave the repair service without renewed parts. As mentioned above, the inspection is optional and does not affect your vehicle's registration.

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