FAQs about car painting

Car painting in Tallinn

Freshly painted - and no one can see it!

A scratch, dent or accidental damage - there are many reasons why paint can be damaged. This means a deterioration in the overall visual appearance and a missing coating can also lead to rust.

Repairs are therefore highly recommended. CAREXPERT ensures that all car damage is repaired professionally.

When is it reasonable to paint your car?

Üldreeglina tuleks kõik värvikahjustused parandada, et säilitada auto esteetiline välimus ja väärtus. Ilusad värvid, silmapaistvad mustrid ja värskelt läikivad pinnad täidavad kvaliteetse mootorsõiduki mulje.

To ensure a perfect result, the work should of course be carried out by a specialised company. The latter will pay attention to every detail to ensure an attractive appearance.

This includes:

  • Uniform colouring on all external surfaces
  • Ideal colour mixes for partial car repainting without visible differences
  • Repair of all damages
  • Quality and environmentally friendly paints, e.g. water-soluble paints
  • Accurate application of colours

We offer the following services

What does it cost to paint your car?

The cost of a full paint job depends on the size and characteristics of your car. You can take the advantage of a free on-site consultation with us, during which we will propose a fair and binding total price.

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